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Business Services

Relationship Manager

An advocate for your business with your bank or lender that works for you not the bank

  • We can manage the ongoing relationship with the bank on your behalf. This is of particular interest if need to focus on running and growing your business.

  • We can look after bank compliance, management reporting requirements, bank meetings and other matters that may arise throughout the year. As part of the arrangement, you may also benefit from regular access to us to discuss new opportunities as and when they arise.

  • With bank managers changing on a regular basis having someone who will look after the ongoing bank relationship on your behalf provides you with stability in managing your financial needs.

  • We can grow with you and make a contribution to your success in the medium to long term. The bank relationship management role allows us to stay on top of things, to make sure that you are well serviced by the bank at competitive rates, appropriate products and services well into the future.


A negotiation with your bank/financier based on review recommendations

  • Following a thorough review of current arrangements, there may be a disconnect between your needs and the arrangements you have with your current bank/financier. Unless there is a compelling commercial reason to refinance, we can approach the incumbent bank with the aim of negotiating a restructure based on the identified improvements. This usually means meeting with your current bank/financier then provide a written proposal to them for approval.

  • If the desired outcome is not achieved, we will review the situation with you and, depending on the level of savings, recommend a refinance process.


Refinance of your business and/or personal finance

  • When refinancing, we will recommend a select number of financial institutions to approach, using our experience and knowledge of the banking sector.

  • We will prepare a proposal and prepare and collect relevant information to accompany the credit submission. We can work with your Accountant and/or Financial Advisor to prepare the submission if required.

  • Upon receipt of indicative offers we prepare a comparison and recommendation for your approval. We will then liaise with the preferred financial institution to finalise the approval and settlement process.

New Finance

Finance for all business and personal needs with access to a wide range of banks and financiers

  • For new finance requirements we will analyse your needs and match these with products and services from a number of financial institutions before meeting with you and presenting the best options available.

  • Like the refinance process, we will collect and prepare the information for the banks to assess. Using our access to a wide range of banks and financiers negotiating power and understanding of the market saves you time, adds convenience and results in a much more competitive solution for your funding need than can usually be negotiated by individual clients.

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