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How I can help you?

Ever feel a bit overwhelmed? Need some help?

So why should you use FNQ Finance Guy?

We work for you, the customer, not the lender. Talking to an employee of the bank about what’s best for you might work, but are they really looking after you. Are they going to tell you if the product or service they have is not the best in the market? Do they have the best interest rates and fees going around and will they tell you if they haven’t? Getting you the best rate, best product on the market that suits you is what we do.

We have access to a wide range of lenders and lending solutions. There’s more choice now than ever which is great for you and we keep up to date with the constant changes in products, rates and policies so that you have the most up to date solutions right at your fingertips. When you start going directly to banks yourself, you’ll quickly realise that there are a lot of options out there, which makes it hard for you to choose the right product. So we do the research for you.

We get to know you, look at your individual situation, design a solution for you then match you with the right product and the right lender that suits your needs. We work closely with you, the lender and if needed your accountant, solicitor or conveyancer, to obtain approval and take you right through to drawdown of the loan.

We have the knowledge and experience. We have 30 years experience working in the finance industry, working with clients just like you, developing solutions. It’s this experience in making sure you get the right advice, the right solutions and understanding what it takes to assist you through the whole finance journey that makes the difference.

We’re with you for the long term. Our business is making sure that not only are you looked after now but in the future, because needs change over time. Maybe you’re looking to buy your first home or investment property, maybe you’re starting a family and need a bigger house or car; Maybe you’re starting a business or growing an existing one and you need working capital, equipment, a business premises or a bigger one. Whatever your needs having someone to turn to who understands you, who understands finance and is there for the long haul can be invaluable.

So having FNQ Finance Guy, an accredited finance broker, on your side, going into bat for you, helping you with all your finance needs, just makes sense. So call us or send a message today and let’s talk.


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