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Why I Do What I Do


The last couple of months have been pretty manic and at times a bit frustrating. Trying to run and grow a business as well as moving house, including battles not yet won with unprofessional and dishonest real estate property management business and a telecommunications giant (starts with T) has taken its toll. But its times like these, when my resilience is tested, that I find the best opportunities to learn and grow.

Reflecting on what I’m doing, how I do it and the direction I’m travelling is always something I strive for on a regular basis. During a discussion this last week with a solicitor about a client proposal, that is proving challenging with a few roadblocks, I was reminded (thanks Miranda) that I do make a positive difference and I do add value to my clients. That is the reason I do what I do and the reason I’m in business.

Dealing with organisations such as banks, phone companies, real estate agents and the like seems to be more and more of a challenge. Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of decent, well-meaning and hardworking staff working for these organisations, but it seems to me that the gap between what the advertising blurb says the customer experience is and what eventuates is wider than it’s ever been.

And the reason? Well I’m really only qualified to speak about banks so I’ll stick to that. The pressure to sell to the banks products rather than to the customer’s needs, the centralising of functions resulting in frontline staff just being sales people who don’t understand the “why”, treating clients based on how much they borrow rather than the opportunity they present and time pressures on staff meaning it’s easier to say no and move on quickly to the next are some of the reasons I see. Maybe that’s why finance and mortgage brokers now account for around 60% (and growing) of all lending in Australia

What is apparent is that banks and lenders are more detached from the customer experience than they’ve ever been. And there’s the problem, and for me, the reason I do what I do.

I work for my client. They are the most important part of what I do. I understand that obtaining finance is not the end goal, it’s part of the client, my client, obtaining their dream. That dream might be buying a house for their family, it might be starting or growing a business, it might be buying the car they have always wanted. It’s their dream, their goal, and finance, if its needed, is just a part of that.

So yes, I do make a difference. I get to know my client and strive to understand their dream, their goal. Then I use my experience and capability from 30 years of working in banking and finance and I work with them to make that a reality. I’m on their side and I earn my living from helping my clients solve their problems, achieve their goal and realise their dreams.

Above all I understand that the secret to being a good finance broker, a good business person and just a good person, is to treat other people’s dreams with a respect.

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