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Want to know how a Financial Health Check can help save you time and money?


We are currently enjoying the lowest interest rates on record, so are you taking advantage of it?

With home loan interest rates this low, if you are thinking about purchasing a new property now is a good time to talk to us about it. If you already have a mortgage it is a great time to look at your existing home loan to determine whether it is still the most suitable loan available for your needs.

If you don’t own a property yet, then ask yourself:

  • Are you renting because you think you can’t afford to buy?

  • Do you know how much money you need to save to buy a property?

  • Do you have the time to properly research the best loan for you?

  • Do you understand the benefits of having a pre-approved loan before you go property shopping?

If you already have a Home or Investment Property, then ask yourself:

  • Are you paying too much interest on your current mortgage?

  • Does your loan still meet your current needs?

  • Has your financial or personal circumstances changed?

  • Could you use the equity in your property to invest, renovate or consolidate debts?

A Financial Health Check is the starting point to help you answer these questions. It is a quick and easy check up that is focused on your short term and long term financial goals. If it's completed with an experienced banking and finance professional, like FNQ Finance Guy, it can be invaluable to your financial health and potentially save you time and money. We’ll look at your financial plans, show you how you can achieve your goals and help you to plan a way forward.

So why not call us today for your free Financial Health Check?

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